Eyes in the Back of my Head

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My Alopecia saga continues!

Seven years ago, I lost my hair to Alopecia Universalis. Last year, my hair follicles began to sprout as if waking up from an altered state! My hair emotions have taken many twists and turns over the past year but now I’m settled into just plain resignation. I’m resigned to the fact that this latest hair appearance is on borrowed time.

Several months ago, the unwanted bare spots began to rear their ugly heads. Painful steroid injections seemed to halt their progression – or so it seemed. As soon as one spot is brought under control, another one appears. I continue to put my best face forward and am thankful that I don’t have eyes in the back of my head to witness the follicle fallout.

Mercifully, most of my spots are taking up the rear!~

Susan M. Beausang

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