Better Treatments For Inherited Form Of Colon Cancer?

News, Treatment — By on November 4, 2008 at 9:00 am

Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute believe they may be one step closer to understanding how certain forms of colon cancer develop.

In a study using siblings diagnosed with colon cancer, scientists discovered similarities on a region of a particular chromosome, referred to as 7q31.

Researchers believe that piece of genetic material may be causing a subset of colon cancers that run in families. “It’s those genetic similarities in colon cancer patients that would suggest that region holds a gene that’s causing colon cancer,” says Deborah Neklason, PhD and lead investigator on the study.

Scientists already know roughly 30 percent of all colon cancers are a direct result of an inherited gene, but less than five percent of these genes have been identified.

The findings could ultimately lead to a better understanding of the cellular process that results in cancer and its progression. It will likely pave the way for more targeted research that could someday result in a screening test to detect genetic forms of colon cancer.

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