Top 5 Things That Kill Men

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The top five things that kill men are heart disease, cancer, accidents, stroke and chronic lower respiratory diseases.

There’s a lot you can’t control these days: the stock market, climate change, Monday Night Football. But you can manage much of your risk for the five most common killers of men. Lifestyle is crucial to living longer, and while genetics play a role, much of risk comes down to some tried and true advice: eat well, keep moving.

“Every time a study comes out on supplements we’re very disappointed,” said Lisa Young, a professor of nutrition at New York University. Cancer, like most diseases, are both genetic and environmental. Lung cancer, prostate and colon cancer are the deadliest for men.

“You can’t change genetics. But high fat diets have been linked to every cancer,” said Dr. Joel Heidelbaugh, assistant professor in the department of family medicine and urology at the University of Michigan.

Doctors say that diets high in fruits and vegetables lower the risk for all cancer, but replacing the vitamins and minerals from those foods with a supplement won’t do the same thing. The benefit of a diet high in beneficial chemicals just cannot be substituted with a pill.

Young said eating fruits and veggies instead of popping supplements adds fiber to the diet, which can lower the risk of colon cancer. Fiber also helps you feel fuller longer. Staying satisfied can help you avoid high-sodium, high-fat foods with little nutritional value that can raise the risk for other diseases.

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