Don’t be afraid of Cancer!

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Everybody has cancer cells moving through their bodies. So why doesn’t everybody get sick, or diagnosed with this dreadful disease?

There are five forms of cancer. The most common one is Carcinoma, which originates in the skin, or in glandular tissue such as the breast and prostate gland. Another type is Sarcoma, which affects the bones, muscle, fat, and cartilage. Melanomas are skin cancers, Lymphomas affect the lymphatic system, and Leukemia is found in the blood. The vital question is: What causes cancer, and how can we prevent it?

Cancer develops over time because of a breakdown in our immune system due to the cumulative impact of toxins in our bodies. Hereditary factors count only for 2-5%. But something of great importance and often overlooked is emotional and mental stress.

There are many things we can do to protect ourselves from this disease. Starting today, remove at least one toxin from your home, and make one better nutritional choice. Example: remove the Clorox, which is toxic and replace it with Hydrogen Peroxide, which is harmless when diluted in water. It’s just as effective in killing germs, viruses and fungi. Also, replace the sodas with unsweetened lemon water, or French fries and chips with fresh cut fruits and veggies. Don’t cringe! Make up your mind and then just do it! Now you are on your way to become fearless of cancer.

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