Designer Donna Karan Backs Yoga Project At Beth Isreal Hospital Cancer Ward

News, Treatment — By on November 3, 2008 at 9:13 am

Famed fashion designer Donna Karan has sponsored a major project at Beth Israel to clinically prove that yoga, meditation and aromatherapy can enhance regimens of chemotherapy and radiation in treating cancer.

Karan, founder of the DKNY line of clothing and a yoga enthusiast, has donated $850,000, through her Urban Zen Foundation, for a year-long experiment combining Eastern and Western healing methods at the Beth Israel Medical Centre in Manhattan.

Karan traces her commitment to integrative medicine to what she saw as the limited treatment of her sculptor husband and business partner, Stephan Weiss, who died of lung cancer in 2001 at the age of 62.

Instead of just letting a celebrated donor adopt a hospital wing, renovate it and have her name embossed on a plaque, the Karan-Beth Israel project will have a celebrated donor turn a hospital into a testing ground for a trendy, medically controversial notion: that yoga, meditation and aromatherapy can enhance regimens of chemotherapy and radiation. Ms. Karan’s yoga masters, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee, will oversee the experiment.

Ms. Karan hopes to prove that the Urban Zen regime can reduce classic symptoms of cancer and its treatment, like pain, nausea and anxiety (thereby cutting hospital stays and costs) and serve as a model for replication elsewhere.

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  • Nina says:

    To whomever this may concern:
    Kudos!!!!! for Ms. Karan and her supporters. I am diligently working on a upcoming event in my community of Warner Robins,Georgia. I was inspired to send a message to not only Ms. Karan.However, Russell Simmons was the first name to come up with his affluence and yoga.I recently established Alternative Approach that teaches yoga and other alternative programs to the community.I am working on a pampered party to kickoff Yoga Awareness Day USA(01/23). The pampered party is complimentary to all cancer patients and survivors of the community. I have sent many letters out to salons, spas, and studios to participate by having the party in their establishment or come to Alternative Approach and donate their time. Or,contribute a portion of their proceeds on the kickoff day or Yoga Awareness Day. The contribution will go towards the non profit organization YogaBear whom I volunteer my yoga class for cancer patient and survivors.The thing is community participation. Donna Karan is affluent and has dynamic supporters that are well known locally and globally. Any suggestions how I can entice others to give up their time,money, energy,amd establishment? I am all about advocating and promoting yoga as an alternative therapy that helps with cancer prevention. My dream is to continue honoring our truth that yoga does help provide healing within ourselves.
    Thank You

  • I am such a big proponent of healing by going inward. I use and promote yoga in a big way for this life death journey. Donna Karan is such a big influence in the fashion world, the materialistic world, that this makes a big statement.



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