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Addicted to Your Illness?

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I have spent the last six years reading, researching, and writing about cancer.  I am so fulfilled by this work, but sometimes I wonder if it is always the healthiest choice of how to spend my time. My cancer has never been in remission and it could be with me for a long while yet. Cancer is an uninvited...
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Has Poetry Helped?

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A great part of being an author and blogger is all of the emails I get from readers who I never would have met otherwise.  Rich Devlin is one of those people. Rich sent me a riveting poem a few weeks ago called The Price of Survivorship, which you can read below. He recently lost his wife of 38 years...
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Does Making Art Help You Deal With Illness?

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For me, there has always been a strong dividing line between art for therapy sake and art with a capitol A.  The difference is an audience. I gushed my cancer story into 12 journals during treatment.  Scribbling in a notebook was great for getting cancer angst out of my system.  But hammering out...
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Do You Care What Caused Your Cancer?

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The notion of writing a letter to a body part of mine has always given me the heebie-jeebies. It reminds me of the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when the gals crack out mirrors and befriend their coochies. Not up my alley. But this request was different. It came from a fantastic website called Dear...
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Cancerversaries, Blogversaries

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My surgery was on Halloween.  I wore a tiara and red heels to the hospital.  That’s easy to remember.  Ask me the date or year of my diagnosis and I have no idea.  Cancer has fried my inner calendar. Daily on Planet Cancer and Facebook I see young adult cancer patients celebrating their cancerversary....
June 4th, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

Calm During Crisis

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Wedding season has officially started, so I’ll tell you a little tale about my own wedding. Shannon and I were slated to get married in an old factory in Pittsburgh. (We love urban decay and grunge.) On a site visit three days before our wedding we discovered more grunge than we bargained for....
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