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Too Lazy to Exercise?

Too Lazy to Exercise?
After climbing the stairs to the L platform I am so out of breath, I can’t talk.  This is pathetic.  Aside from having two tumors in my neck, which have no impact on my lung capacity, I’m not sick.  I’m just lazy. I’m a skinny, out of shape weakling.  I hate to exercise and I always have. ...
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Ever Disobeyed Your Doctor’s Orders?

Ever Disobeyed Your Doctor’s Orders?
When it comes to following prescription drug dosing and directions, I’m like a teacher’s pet.  I’m terrified of potential drug side effects – almost to a neurotic and paranoid level.  And I do exactly what my doctor says.  But many patients don’t or can’t.  Especially with the economy...
August 16th, 2010 | Blogs-contributors, Everything Changes | Read More

How Do You Handle Fear?

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Fear is something I have experienced much of in the last nine years since my diagnosis, and my feeling is that it is not something that I “surmount” or “overcome”, but something that I go “through”.  It is not always pleasant, and coming out on the other side is...
October 15th, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

Ever Chewed Out a Healthcare Worker?

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My hospital is around the corner from Gucci, Coach, and the Apple Store.  (Swank huh?)  I’m sure sneaky shoppers try to park in the hospital garage at patient rates.  It’s the front desk staff’s job to make sure they don’t. A few years back, I had a particularly horrible post-surgery appointment:...
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Do You Like Being Called Strong?

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My mom and dad drove to Chicago for an impromptu Labor Day weekend visit.  My mom sat by my computer this morning as I checked my email.  We began a conversation about Wendy Harpham’s blog post on “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Cancer not only sucks for me, but it hugely sucks...
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Have you ever used visualization or imagery?

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Our bodies are great at remembering hard times: The smell of alcohol in a hospital makes my heart race.  I can’t wear turtlenecks because they remind me of the compression bandage on my throat after my thyroidectomy. But the flip side is that our bodies can conjure great experiences too.  Here’s...
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