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Cancer and Medical Debt

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Is talking about money just too taboo?  Why in the young adult cancer world do I never ever hear anyone talking about medical debt?  It’s a crying shame because we’ve got plenty of it and it seems that a bit of conversation and education is in order.  Consider these factoids: * More than 35%...
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Second Opinion on Lab Results

A few years ago, I had my doc ask for a second opinion from a second pathologist, who interpreted lab results differently than what the original lab report read.  This is a big deal when you are talking about cancer.  The words “second opinion” are used during the first weeks or months of cancer...
May 28th, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

Cancer and ANXIETY

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If you’ve read Everything Changes, you know the saga of my sudden onset cancer claustrophobia.   Since cancer, sitting on an airplane feels to me like the Star Wars trash compactor scene.  I’ve chalked it up to either post-traumatic stress disorder, or the anxiety that can be a common side effect...
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It’s All In Your Head

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Psychosomatic.  There I said the word.  Did you cringe?  I would think most young adult cancer survivors might.  Many of us had delayed diagnoses because our doctors thought we were hypochondriacs, too young for cancer, and it was all in our heads. Take for example Mary Ann Harvard, who is the...
May 22nd, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More