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Has Illness Wrecked Your Relationship?

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Grass is always greener on the married side of the cancer fence.  Or is it?  Here’s a quote from Katie Smith, who I interviewed while researching Everything Changes: “I learned about my diagnosis in the recovery room after waking up from an operation and learning they had done a hysterectomy. ...
September 14th, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

Mourning As A Young Adult?

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Rick Gribenas is an artist and lymphoma patient quoted throughout my book Everything Changes. I’ve become friends with his wife Charissa since Rick’s death this past spring.  In addition to starting an organization, BRICKS, she’s been writing about her real time experience as a...
August 31st, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

Cancer Wake Up Calls?

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I think there’s an expectation that having cancer is going to make my work, relationships, or goals in life more meaningful or important.  But why? Shannon is going to be a guest on tonight’s Stupid Cancer Show about cancer and the environment.   (He’s an environmental lawyer for the Natural...
July 13th, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

Sex, Sex, and More Sex

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Mark your calendars. Monday, June 8th, 9 PM, EST for the ‘Sex, Sex, and More Sex’ episode of the Stupid Cancer Show. We will have three experts on air focusing for an entire hour on cancer and sex! I got a great email today from a blog reader who was writing me about some issues down there –...
May 24th, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

It’s All In Your Head

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Psychosomatic.  There I said the word.  Did you cringe?  I would think most young adult cancer survivors might.  Many of us had delayed diagnoses because our doctors thought we were hypochondriacs, too young for cancer, and it was all in our heads. Take for example Mary Ann Harvard, who is the...
May 22nd, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More