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FASHIONISTA!…Think You Can’t Be One Because You Have Cancer??

FASHIONISTA!…Think You Can’t Be One Because You Have Cancer??
During my treatment for breast cancer I watched many Sex and the City episodes. I envied all the girls and the fabulous outfits that were draped over their perfect bodies. When I looked in the mirror at my mastectomy scars and my bald head, truth be told it was hard to feel good about myself. I was...
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Review: Mothers With Cancer

Mothers With Cancer is an inspiring site co-authored by twenty mothers with cancer. Each woman shares her own unique experience. They all believe their experiences need to be talked about and brought out of the shadows. The whole family needs support when one member is diagnosed with a serious illness...
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Review: Not Just About Cancer

Laurie is 40 years old, mother of two, a spouse, friend, sister, daughter and writer. She is also living with metastatic breast cancer. In December 2005, as she was getting undressed one evening, she found the lump that would lead to a diagnosis of breast cancer. After seven months on a gruelling treatment...
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