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Wine, Women, and Song

A few weeks ago at my OT job I had the opportunity to work with a centurian.  At 100 years old this man was still on his feet, taking care of most his own needs, and very willing to participate in his rehab.  Whenever I work with those super old patients I become very inquisitive.  I wonder about...
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  I was surprised I grabbed my camera that morning. I hadn’t so much as touched it in a while. And I am not sure why. Photography has become a needed hobby of mine. Something necessary to keep me grounded. It is something I started a short time before my cancer diagnosis and during my treatment...
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Best Support from Friends and Family

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When I’m feeling sick, scared, or overwhelmed by my health, I don’t want friends or family bullshitting me and telling me that everything is going to be fine. It only makes me feel worse.  In fact it makes me want to smack them. I got a facebook message today from the wife of a young adult cancer...
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Kairol’s Essay On Public Radio

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Listen this week to me on the radio talking about how cancer, and my lack of health insurance, made me into an excellent liar. You can hear it this week online too by visiting the home page for The State We Are In and clicking on “This Week’s Show” next to my picture. Mine is the...
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Telling Your Kid You Have Cancer

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I have yet to figure out how Wendy S. Harpham, MD, FACP manages her life as a doctor, cancer patient, author, and mom of three kids. She’s a super warm, kind person too. In the parenting section of my book Everything Changes, I recommend her award-winning book When a Parent has Cancer: A Guide to...
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