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Think teenager.  Stereotype flash!  Techno-addicts, outrageous dress, face piercings, casual disrespectful comments, defiant, drama queens.  Now think again.  Think caring, think loving, think socially responsible, think bald, think Georgia Barlow. Upon seeing her debate coach/Year 8 teacher...
January 19th, 2011 | Cancer Blogs | Read More

“Loving Our Bald Selves!”

“If we can face life challenges feeling good about ourselves, we can often meet those challenges with more clarity, more determination, and more understanding. At no time is such love of self more important than when fighting cancer. Yet many women find their love of self becomes compromised by the...
February 6th, 2010 |, Cancer Blogs | Read More

Did You Reinvent Your Identity to Accommodate Illness?

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In 10th grade chemistry I created 40 phonetic spellings of my first name, chose Kairol, and it stuck. (I was born with the Mrs. Brady spelling. And yes, in 1987 you coul make up whatever name you wanted and slap it on a drivers license.) So, I got curious when I recently learned Matthew Zachary, founder...
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