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Need words of wisdom for nurses!

Hey, everyone! I’m giving the closing keynote tomorrow at the national meeting of pediatric oncology nurses here in Albuquerque. Any stories, advice or words of wisdom that you would like me to share with a convention center ballroom of nurses? Particularly if you were treated in pediatrics, which...
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Standing Up 2 Cancer. Next to Charles Barkley.

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So I had the privilege of attending the Stand Up 2 Cancer live broadcast at the Kodak Theater. (Side note: did you know that the Kodak is built onto a friggin’ MALL? I’m not kidding. So weird.) My friends Julie Dresner, Teal Thompson, Jennifer Ippolito and I joined representatives from 100...
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Get Your Drug On

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So here’s a lighthearted game for you guys over the weekend: it’s the latest in pharmacological entertainment—-click here to play Get Your Drug On! [Cue Bob Barker and his theme song.] I just invented “Heidzac.” Admit it–you’ve always wondered how they got those...
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PC Age Guideline Explanation

Hi, everyone— So, it’s one of the perils of a growing, evolving organization that we have to evaluate situations when they come up, and decide on a response that best protects the integrity and purpose of our community and our organization. Such a situation recently occurred with the growing presence...
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Patients of a Different Stripe

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Yee-haaa!! Young adults with cancer, FRONT AND CENTER! “Doctors often follow the medical school mantra: “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” Planet Cancer founder and executive director Heidi Adams explains that, in that scenario, many young adult cancer patients find themselves...
October 15th, 2008 | Heidi Adams | Read More