FASHIONISTA!…Think You Can’t Be One Because You Have Cancer??

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During my treatment for breast cancer I watched many Sex and the City episodes. I envied all the girls and the fabulous outfits that were draped over their perfect bodies.

When I looked in the mirror at my mastectomy scars and my bald head, truth be told it was hard to feel good about myself.

I was a 31 year old widow looking for a second chance at love. I hardly looked the part. But yet I still loved to shop and flip through my favorite fashion magazines. I found that dressing in my frumpy sweats and slippers made me feel worse. It made me feel more sick. It certainly wasn’t a look I would attempt for a date.

Although I couldn’t afford a pair of Manolo’s or a Louis Vuitton bag what mattered was feeling good about my appearance. Some days it was as simple as wearing a white boyfriend tee from the Gap paired with a comfy faded wash jeans. Other days it may have been a white linen sundress, a pair of beige espadrilles and a beaded necklace. When I lost my hair I had a few different wigs. I had a short sandy brown one that I would dress up with jeweled hair clips or colored bobby pins. And accessories such as earrings were a must. I even continued my weekly manicure appointment all through my treatments making sure that my cuticles weren’t cut due to the loss of lymph nodes under my arm.

All of this helped me feel better and take the focus off of the muscle pain and scars underneath my clothes. It helped me deal with my morphing body image. Although it was very frustrating dealing with my lopsided breasts. I think that the clothes we wear can reflect how we feel. Just as I believe that wearing nice things can help uplift us. I know this to be true for me.

Making a fashion statement isn’t necessarily about designer labels or expensive clothes. I think it is about expressing your sense of style and being comfortable in whatever you wear. It is about choosing something that makes you feel good about yourself especially for those going through cancer. Those with cancer are dealing with many physical and emotional changes. Fashion can certainly enhance the lives of cancer survivors. So whatever look you choose make sure you rock it!

Cathy Bueti is the author of Breastless in the City. Visit her at

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