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Foods as Medicine for Cancer Prevention & Healing

Foods as Medicine for Cancer Prevention & Healing
By Catharine L. Kaufman (a.k.a. The Kitchen Shrink) Edited by Dina Eliash Robinson, Editor-in Chief- Pink ribbons and shop window decorations herald its designation as Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October, Some people carry the reminder year-round—as did a hot hunk I recently...
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In your 20s or 30s? Health signs to look out for

In your 20s or 30s? Health signs to look out for
Too old for the annual pediatrician visit–and too young for the annual mammogram or prostate exam–people in their 20s and 30s can easily go years without seeing a doctor. And sometimes, doctors say, that’s OK. Cancer Healthy lifestyle choices during young adulthood–including...
May 31st, 2010 | Featured Article, Nutrition | Read More

Combining a Nutrient Program with Conventional Treatment May Work Best for Prostate Cancer

( – Conventional approaches to prostate cancer focus on attacking and destroying it with procedures such as seed implant, radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy, cryotherapy or hormonal therapy. These approaches are not always successful at eradicating the disease and are often...
October 25th, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More

Ted Kennedy’s Battle with Brain Cancer

Dr. Jennifer Ashton Discusses Disease that Took Senator’s Life(CBS)  The malignant brain tumor that took the life of Sen. Edward Kennedy was an aggressive form of brain cancer called a malignant glioma, CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said on “The Early Show” Wednesday....
August 26th, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More

Aspirin cuts death risk for colon cancer patients

Score another win for the humble aspirin. A study suggests colon cancer patients who took the dirt-cheap wonder drug reduced their risk of death from the disease by nearly 30 percent. Aspirin already is recommended for preventing heart attacks and strokes, along with its traditional use for relief of...
August 12th, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More

Seven out of ten kids have low vitamin D levels

A new report reveals that 70 million American kids (ranging in age from toddlers to teens) are at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and bone problems due to deficient or insufficient levels of vitamin D.  Low vitamin D levels are about 6 times more common in young black Americans because darker...
August 4th, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More

Diet And Exercise Intervention Helps Older, Overweight Cancer Survivors Reduce Functional Decline

A home-based diet and exercise program reduced the rate of functional decline among older, overweight long-term survivors of colorectal, breast and prostate cancer, according to a new study. “In 2008, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services declared mobility maintenance and functional...
July 29th, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More

New health benefits research results on folate, xylitol, and krill oil

Scientists in Korea recently have determined that an increased intake of folate in the diet may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer in women. According to the study, “Folate intake and the risk of colorectal cancer in a Korean population,” published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition,...
July 19th, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More

Study confirms that Vitamin D3 may prevent cancer

Numerous scientific studies have suggested that vitamin D may help prevent many cancers. A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation confirmed biochemically that vitamin D3 has anti-cancer effects.

Alberto Muñoz and Carlos López-Otín at the Autonomous University of Madrid...
July 12th, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More

Purple Sweet Potato Means Increased Amount Of Anti-cancer Components

A Kansas State University researcher is studying the potential health benefits of a specially bred purple sweet potato because its dominant purple color results in an increased amount of anti-cancer components. K-State’s Soyoung Lim, doctoral student in human nutrition, Manhattan, is working with...
July 1st, 2009 | Nutrition | Read More