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Treat Yourself to a Post Treatment Retreat

I just returned to NY City after a week long retreat in rural Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay. It was an intentional time set aside for post treatment rest and reflection – an opportunity to integrate everything that’s happened over the past 10 months. I entered a different state of conscious...
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Wine, Women, and Song

A few weeks ago at my OT job I had the opportunity to work with a centurian.  At 100 years old this man was still on his feet, taking care of most his own needs, and very willing to participate in his rehab.  Whenever I work with those super old patients I become very inquisitive.  I wonder about...
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Does Cancer Impact Your Intellectual Self-Esteem?

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I know I’m smart.  And, that I.Q. tests don’t prove a damn thing.  Still I took a cheesy online I.Q. test three years ago just to prove to myself that I’ve got brains.  There’s lots of talk about how cancer affects our body image, but what about how it impacts our mental and intellectual...
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Does Making Art Help You Deal With Illness?

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For me, there has always been a strong dividing line between art for therapy sake and art with a capitol A.  The difference is an audience. I gushed my cancer story into 12 journals during treatment.  Scribbling in a notebook was great for getting cancer angst out of my system.  But hammering out...
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First Birthday

It has been a pretty tough couple of weeks. I suppose that I am thinking back to last year at this time when we’d found out that Dan’s cancer has metastasized to his liver. It is hard to believe that this blog just celebrated it’s one year anniversary. More than everything else, the...
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What qualities do you want in a doctor?

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I was floored when I asked him and he said ‘yes’. I’m talking about my doctor R. Michael Tuttle, MD. We’re appearing together on Sunday on the Group Room radio show. A two-hour radio special all about thyroid cancer and young adults? It’s a prefect match. He’s one of the top thyroid...
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Do You Care What Caused Your Cancer?

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The notion of writing a letter to a body part of mine has always given me the heebie-jeebies. It reminds me of the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when the gals crack out mirrors and befriend their coochies. Not up my alley. But this request was different. It came from a fantastic website called Dear...
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Cancer Wake Up Calls?

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I think there’s an expectation that having cancer is going to make my work, relationships, or goals in life more meaningful or important.  But why? Shannon is going to be a guest on tonight’s Stupid Cancer Show about cancer and the environment.   (He’s an environmental lawyer for the Natural...
July 13th, 2009 | Everything Changes | Read More

Eyes in the Back of my Head

My Alopecia saga continues! Seven years ago, I lost my hair to Alopecia Universalis. Last year, my hair follicles began to sprout as if waking up from an altered state! My hair emotions have taken many twists and turns over the past year but now I’m settled into just plain resignation. I’m resigned...
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What’s That Smell ??

Throughout my life I have always had a heightened sense of smell. And that sense in particular has always been very connected to my memory. Some of my favorite smells are my Amarige perfume, lavendar, buttercream scented candles, fresh linens, my grandma’s gravy (what we italians called sauce,...
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