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The Challenges of Surviving Cancer

Just wantes to share the voice of a young adult cancer survivor again as a reminder of what it means to live beyond treatment. The Short Story I suffered a mini stroke (TIA) this week as a long-term side effect of the radiation I received for brain cancer in 1996. (Stupid cancer.) I am fine right now,...
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As my Mom continues to suffer the side effects of a fluoroquinolone drug,  I am more convinced than ever of the importance of patient advocates, especially for the elderly.  Mom has Lymphoma, the bad kind,  but her symptoms today – confusion, anxiety, and disorientation are not related...
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Have you ever noticed how certain topics completely dominate the news at specific times of the year?  Just look back at the headlines for October, when even the most passionate breast cancer advocates were “pinked out” by Halloween. As 2011 approaches, if you haven’t made some form of resolution...
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Think teenager.  Stereotype flash!  Techno-addicts, outrageous dress, face piercings, casual disrespectful comments, defiant, drama queens.  Now think again.  Think caring, think loving, think socially responsible, think bald, think Georgia Barlow. Upon seeing her debate coach/Year 8 teacher...
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At one of my last endocrinologist visits, the doctor suggested I have my Vitamin D levels tested, stating that Vitamin D deficiency is nearly universal these days. What!? This is not Seattle and I don’t just live in the Sunshine State.  I play tennis, golf, run, walk the dogs, and swim, all in...
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How does one put the “merry” into Merry Christmas or the “happy” into Happy Holidays when your Mother has received a diagnosis of DLBCL  (Diffuse Large-B-Cell Lymphoma) two weeks before Christmas? I recently wrote about the seemingly dismissive attitudes of doctors when dealing with intermittent...
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Cancer Care Blog

Many of us put off taking really good care of ourselves until a diagnosis of cancer forces us to pause and focus on our own needs. Then, between treatments and trying to maintain their health, patients often tell me that they feel as if it is a full time job. Given the challenges of radiation or chemotherapy,...
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Giving Thanks

First off- there is a fantastic article about a young woman whose story reminded me very much of Dan. Her name was Jill Costello. She was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Like Dan, she was a non-smoker, a college athlete at Berkley- she was on the crew team. She lost her battle after a brief but...
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I Prefer the Roller Coaster

Please read the complete article and let us know what you think below.
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Why Loving the Mojo Pills Is Not Loving Ourselves

[Guest blogger, Michelle Young is the Research and Communications Director at  She has done extensive research on the emotional impacts of medical hair loss and women’s health issues.] I need a name.  Not a name for a puppy, a head scarf, or a blog post.  I need a name for the deficit...
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