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yogabearYoga Bear is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer survivors with more opportunities for wellness and healing through the practice of yoga.

Yoga Bear is a community of friends — cancer survivors, yogis, health professionals, and volunteers — across the nation.

By partnering with local yoga studios Yoga Bear matches cancer survivors with yoga classes in their community free of charge.

Their collective of studios are providing participants with comfortable surroundings and healthy activity to promote quality of life and survivorship.

Yoga Bear strives to provide the community with more information about yoga as a complementary treatment in cancer recovery.

They do this through hosting workshops and charity yoga classes, blogging, and partnering with other wonderful non-profits.

The Yoga Bear program is intended as a way for cancer survivors to begin a yoga practice in their community. Passes range from 3-6 months and are meant to introduce participants to the practice of yoga.

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Yoga Bear
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