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teenslivingwithcancer1Teens Living With Cancer is dedicated to the approximately 15,000 teens undergoing treatment in the United States for cancer each year.

Wanting only to be “normal” teens, to spread their wings and fly, they are compelled to follow other paths, other roads less traveled. They do so with courage, with quiet beauty and grace unique to each of them. They deserve the best.

The Melissa’s Living Legacy Foundation is dedicated to Melissa Marie Sengbusch. In April of 1998, Melissa was a typical, high school senior preparing for the Senior Ball, graduation, and life’s many opportunities when she was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare bone marrow malignancy. She had just been accepted to the University of Pennsylvania where she dreamt of pursuing a career in advanced practice nursing.

Sadly, Melissa died on June 22, 2000 at age nineteen after living with cancer for two years. She became yet another statistic in the tragedy we know as childhood cancer. The way in which she lived life and ultimately faced death is a story of extraordinary determination and celebration of the human spirit.

Myelodysplasia strikes fewer than five in one million Americans each year. Statistics continue to be discouraging with survival rates averaging only about twenty percent.
Melissa’s ever-present spirit and is committed to “making things better” for other teens living with cancer.

Please visit: Teens Living With Cancer and share your comments and opinions below with the community.

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