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Stand Up To Cancer is a new initiative to raise philanthropic dollars for accelerating ground-breaking cancer research through a collaboration uniting the major television networks, entertainment industry executives, celebrities and prominent leaders in cancer research and patient advocacy.

Stand Up To Cancer held an unprecedented nationally televised fundraising event that aired simultaneously on ABC, CBS and NBC on September 5, 2008.
Stand Up To Cancer also includes: – an online community for everyone affected by cancer and a public service announcement (PSA) campaign featuring celebrities and members of the public to mobilize support for the campaign.

The goal of Stand Up To Cancer is to end cancer as a leading cause of death by raising funds to accelerate research that will help transform cancer from a disease that takes lives to one people can manage and live with.

Stand Up To Cancer is founded on the belief that in the field of cancer research there is a solid foundation and sufficient understanding of the basic science of cancer. 

With the technologies available, now is the time to take that understanding to the next level by translating this knowledge to the clinic, to real advances in patient care and cancer prevention. Stand Up To Cancer will unite the most promising cancer research projects with the best scientists who are on the verge of critical discoveries that can quickly provide direct patient benefit.

Dream Teams: Stand Up To Cancer’s innovative approach to research is designed to eliminate barriers that have traditionally inhibited creativity and collaboration by enabling the best and brightest investigators from leading institutions across the country and internationally to work together.

“Dream Teams” are multi-disciplinary and collaborative groups of scientists that will be responsible for conducting novel, groundbreaking cancer research projects that address critical problems in patient care and are designed to deliver near-term patient benefit.

These collaborative Dream Teams will pursue the most promising research, accelerating the discovery of new therapies for cancer patients and advancing efforts in cancer prevention research. Stand Up To Cancer monies will also be used for some high-risk, high-impact cancer research proposals, which are often not supported by conventional funding sources. •100 percent of all donations raised from the public will go directly to cancer research.

To find out more, visit: Stand Up To Cancer

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