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rowforhopeIf you’ve ever let yourself dream, Row for Hope is for you. At Row for Hope, you are encouraged to dream without boundaries, without fear of failure, and without regard for what’s possible.

Founded by Paul and Joy Ridley, after losing their mother to skin cancer in 2001, Row for Hope is public charity focused on funding the ongoing fight for progress in the field of cancer research.

By its very nature, ocean rowing requires hope; for good weather, for luck, and for the intangible “moxie” that will help prevail.

Some people have told Paul Ridley that making a difference in the fight against cancer is an impossible challenge.

Although others have said that rowing oceans requires an impossible risk, at Row for Hope they know that together we possess the powerful combination of hope and determination that can prove them wrong.

The Expedition: Paul’s unsupported trans-Atlantic expedition began in the Canary Islands in December, 2008. With only oars to power him, he set off from Africa to South America, crossing the whole of the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the way he will row more than 3,000 nautical miles and spend between 60 and 80 days and nights at sea, landing in the Caribbean in February, 2009.

While at sea, Paul will sleep in an enclosed cabin not much bigger than himself, and row 10-12 hours each day. Though Paul will be in contact with a land-based support team via satellite phone, he will be entirely alone on the open ocean with no chase boat or means of resupply.

Paul’s journey will be truly solo and unassisted. The expedition is an opportunity for Paul to make a significant contribution to cancer research in memory of his mother.

Row for Hope is proud to partner with Yale Cancer Center in order to fund cutting-edge research that is dedicated to bringing tomorrow’s cancer treatments and cures to patients today.

Funds raised by Row for Hope in 2008-2009 will help to expand the efforts of Dr. Mario Sznol, Vice-Chief of Medical Oncology and Co-Director of the Yale Cancer Center Melanoma Program.

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