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The Pet Cancer Foundation is an independent, non-profit effort established to provide dog and cat owners with a resource for learning about their pet’s cancer.

Here owners can receive a free consultation with a cancer specialist and become informed of the available treatment options in partnership with their veterinarian. Just a few years ago, a pet diagnosed with cancer meant the end was probably not far off for a pet. With today’s treatment advances, however, pets with cancer have a much better chance of survival.

The key to successful cancer treatment is an early diagnosis and effective treatment regime. Now your local veterinarian can obtain a free initial consultation from a board-certified veterinary oncologist to determine the most effective treatments for the specific type of cancer diagnosed.

Many cancer treatments that once required traveling far from home to administer treatment can be successfully implemented, monitored and adapted by your own local veterinarian, with a cancer specialist assisting every step of the way.

Although this approach may not be as in-depth as your pet’s treatment at an oncology or university cancer center, and in some cases won’t replace the need to travel to an oncologist, in many instances it can make the difference in saving your pet’s life.

The Pet Cancer Foundation is sponsored by Pets Best Insurance.

Please visit: The Pet Cancer Foundation for more information.

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