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parpinhibitorsA parp also known as a Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase is an enzyme which repairs damage done to our DNA. In basic terms a parp enzyme regulates our body repairing damaged DNA.

In normal cells this is useful and stops cell death however Johann S. de Bono, MD, PhD, of the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, and colleagues have suggested that cancer cells may used the PARP repair method to their advantage.

A parp-1 inhibitor is a new drug which causes inhibition of parp function. Studies recently conducted have shown that this new parp drug is an inhibitor of cancer as it disrupts the chemotherapy resistance in cancer cells.

An inhibitor cancer drug is a new type of cancer treatment which is being developed by two companies. Currently the parp inhibitor clinical trials are featuring two parp drugs named Parp Inhibitor BSI 201 and Olaparib. Both of these parp inhibitors are in phase two trials and have been studied testing parp breast and parp ovarian cancer throughout the world.

Parp Inhibitors
Parp Inhibitors can be used for ovarian, breast and prostate cancer and generally target mutations in the BRCA1, BRCA2 and inhibitor azd2281.

These drugs represent a new way to treat BRCA-associated cancers, with the parp inhibition having the potential to overwhelm cancer cells and whilst they are not a cure for cancer the inhibition for the body to produce parp, leads to the BRCA cancer cells unable to be repaired as they grow: ultimately leading to the cancer inhibition and not being able to grow.

The reason this drug is such a promising target is that it has demonstrated significant anti-tumor effects in several types of cancer and parp inhibition does not appear to be critical for normal non-cancerous cells, thus parp inhibitors have the potential to impair tumor growth without damaging the normal cells, and therefore causing less side effects for those that receive the inhibitor cancer treatment. If parp trials are successful this may be one of the most famous anti-cancer drugs.

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