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opposingviewsOpposingViews is a stimulating venue for debate, communication and assembly for those who want to uncover all sides of political, sociological, health, money, and religious issues.

Cancer Directory found their Cancer section, within the Health Section, to intelligently cover topics which debate current cancer health concerns.

Opposing Views is a worthwhile visit for everyone. We like how they bring together information on issues, present the evidence on each side and provide their counter-points. At Opposing Views experts go head-to-head on real-life concerns, debating news and events, addressing and questioning current concerns.

Opposing Views introduces the questions, the experts present their cases (and disagree with each other), and visitors to the site leave ready to make well-informed decisions and take action.

Each expert has a chance to state their information and opinions on an issue while the other side objects by calling out the flaws in that information, and then states their own side. The hundreds of known and credible experts, opinion leaders and advocate groups include: the Obama Campaign, the McCain campaign, the National Rifle Association (NRA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), The Sierra Club and Amnesty International, as well as individuals who are authorities on issues of current consumer interest.

Collectively, these partner organizations already have been cited as authorities on their topics.

Go ahead. Join in a debate by rating and commenting on it. Ask a question. Share your views with others. Please visit: Health Channel, Cancer Channel and the homepage and let us know your opinion.

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