Review: The National Cervical Cancer
Public Education Campaign

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The National Cervical Cancer 
Public Education Campaign
 is committed to
 eliminating Cervical Cancer!
  On their site you will find the tools to achieve that goal.

The Campaign partners with other organizations to provide women information about cervical cancer prevention, early detection and treatment.

The National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign is led by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF) and supported by more than 30 national organizations engaged in informing the public about prevention, early detection and quality treatment of cervical cancer.

The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation was established by the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists in 1991 to develop educational programs for women and create awareness about all forms of gynecologic cancer. As a not-for-profit charitable organization, GCF raises funds to support these programs from both public and private sources.

Cervical cancer begins in the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the womb, called the uterus. It opens to the vagina. Cervical cancer was once the number-one cause of death from cancer in women.

Thanks to the Pap test, which can screen for this cancer, the number of women in the United States with cervical cancer has decreased dramatically. With the Pap test, doctors can also find changes in the cervix when they are still precancerous. It is the only gynecological cancer, currently, that can be prevented through routine screening.

HPV is a family of very common viruses that cause almost all cervical cancers.  HPV is the short form for Human Papillomavirus.

HPV causes a variety of other problems like common warts, genital warts and plantar warts. HPV also causes cancers of the vulva, vagina, anus, and cancers of the head and neck. Both women and men become infected with HPV types that cause cervical cancer through sexual intercourse and sexual contact.

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Public Education Campaign and share your comments and opinions below with the community.

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