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The National Cancer Coalition’s mission is to reduce the suffering of cancer patients and their families by meeting their unfulfilled needs. The National Cancer Coalition(NCC) provides medical and financial relief, research and educational programs throughout the world in an effort to improve the cancer patient’s quality of life.

Their international medical assistance program, NCC Cares, is committed to supplying hospitals and clinics in the world’s impoverished areas with the tools and resources needed to support medical professionals and facilities in the treatment and prevention of cancer and other serious diseases. This includes: Chemotherapies, chronic and essential medicines, laboratory and diagnostic equipment, and much needed medical supplies to some of the poorest areas in the world.

NCC’s Global Cancer Relief Network provides a platform for the formation of public, private, and governmental collaborative partnerships to further fulfill the requirements of cancer patients worldwide. To date, NCC Cares has conducted donation projects in forty developing countries in all regions of the world.”

The NCC is proud to be the official sponsor of NCC Angel Grants, an award program focused on providing seed funding to scientific researchers who are developing innovative treatments for children suffering with cancer. Specifically, it has concentrated its research support on pediatric types of cancers, which include leukemia, brain cancers, Wilm’s tumor, sarcomas, retinoblastoma, as well as other cancers. With this focus, the NCC is investing in the future of tomorrow’s leaders.

Visit: National Cancer Coalition to learn more.

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