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MinniePearlCancerFoundationThe Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation is nationally recognized as THE nonprofit cancer organization for adults with cancer.

The Foundation is unparalleled in their ability to attract people, resources, positive attention, and support to their cause.

The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of adults affected by cancer through support, education and access to clinical research in the community.
In 1987, Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., and Dr. Steven Stroup formed The Cancer Education and Research Council.
After Sarah Cannon, also known as comedienne “Minnie Pearl”, was successfully treated for breast cancer, she became a passionate supporter in the fight against cancer and in 1990 offered her stage name to the Foundation.

Funded through corporate and private donations as well as events supported by Minnie Pearl’s friends and fans, The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation is an active organization whose guiding principles honor Minnie Pearl’s generosity and caring spirit.

The Foundation envisions a world in which all adults affected by cancer have access to the resources for support, up-to-date information and clinical research in their communities.

Goals (by May 31, 2012)
•Help 5,000 adults affected by cancer annually (300% increase).
•Double annual private support and revenue from $1.2 million to $2.4 million.
•Increase their public presence and influence throughout the Southeast and beyond.
•Increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

Visit: The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation and share your comments and opinions below with the community.

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