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matthewzacharyMatthew Zachary is a concert pianist, motivational speaker and a 13 year pediatric brain cancer survivor.

Matthew is also a passionate, spirited and often controversial rabble-rouser with over 200 speaking engagements and concert performances under his young belt.

Matthew Zachary not only touches and inspires audiences with a uniquely inspiring and powerfully authentic message of hope, but he challenges them to engage in forward dialogue, question complacency and think differently about their existing perceptions of life, health and personal empowerment.

Matthew is the real deal and will touch and inspire audiences, offering them access to an honest message of hope and inspiration.

His message to everyone affected by cancer is that – it’s not about the cure but about survivorship!  

Matthew not only touches the lives of cancer survivors but has the rare gift of being able to touch anyone, whether through his music or because of his endless passion for helping others.

Matthew Zachary was a 21-year old college senior and aspiring concert pianist and composer en route to film school when he slowly lost use of his left hand, was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer (medulloblastoma) and told he’d likely never perform again.

Twelve years, four albums and scores of concerts later, Matthew’s struggle to get busy living has inspired countless thousands. 
Today, Matthew is an award-winning recording artist, composer and performer as well as an accredited thought-leader in public health, a leading authority on youth culture and a highly credentialed motivational speaker.

Via the success of his social enterprise, The I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, Matthew is helping to reverse 30 years of disparity and create lasting change in how the public relates to cancer. 

Matthew has 15 years of experience in advertising, marketing, information technology and visual communications for print and web.

In addition to serving as an advisor on the prestiguous Google Health Advisory Council, his portfolio also includes expertise in visual communications for print/web, cause-branding, public relations, consumer healthcare, nonprofit management and social media.

Matthew has won several industry awards and been recognized internationally for his innovations as a visionary trendsetter and change agent who has always been ahead of his time.

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Matthew holds an interdisciplinary BA from the State University of New York at Binghamton that combined the music, theater, computer science, and sociology disciplines.

The I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, a global support community for young adults affected by cancer, Matthew has yet again demonstrated his social equity as a visionary trend influencer and change agent who has always been ahead of his time.

“An asset to any event, his music and his compelling story help others to realize what is possible with their own personal potential through the face of adversity.”
— Dr. Bernie Siegel, renown health guru, author, Love, Medicine and Miracles

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