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livingsunnysideup1Living Sunny Side Up is committed to helping families discuss a cancer diagnosis with their children.
According to the National Cancer Institute, 70,000 adults under the age of 40 will hear the words “You have cancer”. One in four of them has children in the home.

The medical, scientific and social communities all surround the patient with treatment, research and emotional support. There are support groups and resources available for their caregivers. But who is helping their children?

Children of all ages are affected by their parent’s diagnosis. Families struggle with communicating the information with their littlest ones and even older children are forgotten while all attention is focused on the illness and the patient.

Living Sunny Side Up features books written for young children with honest information, simple words, bright illustrations and a hopeful message.

At Living Sunny Side Up you will find the help to find the right words and additional resources you need to start or continue the conversation

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