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Do you know someone that has cancer, alopecia, or other hair related issues?

Komfy Kids help children that suffer from hair loss (their own or that of a loved one) by offering therapeutic dolls and accessories, resources and support.

Komfy Kids are therapeutic dolls that have been designed to assist in the psychological well-being of children with hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, or otherwise.

The therapeutic Komfy Kids doll has been designed by the company’s owner and founder. Their products help children build self-esteem and confidence while learning to live with their hair loss.

A child will instantly become attached to their plush Komfy Kids doll as it helps them regain their confidence and self-image and help them feel good about themselves without hair. Komfy Kids are huggable, loveable, and most of all, they could be a child’s best friend.

Whether a child with hair loss decides to wear a wig or not, the Komfy Kids doll is their buddy. The Komfy Kids doll looks great with and without hair and so does your child! The two of them can travel to and from school or the doctors together, hair or no hair.

Visit: Komfy Kids to learn more.

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