Review: The James P. The Wilmot Cancer Center

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The James P. The Wilmot Cancer Center is part of The University of Rochester Medical Center.

The Wilmot Cancer Center is organized around a multidisciplinary care model, which leading cancer experts believe is the gold standard in cancer care in the 21st Century.

Their model underscores their commitment to provide patients in the Rochester area with the most up-to-date information and available treatments, basing their recommendations on the best evidence. The Wilmot Cancer Center prides themselves in being one of the only centers in Western New York offering this team approach to care.

As members of subspecialty teams, oncology physicians and staff from all cancer and diagnostic specialties regularly collaborate in multidisciplinary disease site conferences. Information about the patient’s type and stage of cancer is presented and a consensus opinion about treatment options developed. This collaborative and collective assembly of expertise from a variety of perspectives ensures that patients receive the best possible advice for treatment from the beginning of their journey.

And, since they are a part of a leading academic medical center, they are able to consult and collaborate with some of the best subspecialists in other non-cancer fields.

Visit: The James P. The Wilmot Cancer Center for more information.

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