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Two decades ago, actor Paul Newman’s dream of opening a camp for children with serious medical conditions became a reality. His endless passion and commitment to help those less fortunate, especially children, was enormous.

In 1988 Paul Newman founded The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. This wondrous place became the starting point for what is now a global family of camps.

Children whose lives are interrupted by illness are able to put their worries aside and enjoy a carefree camp experience thanks to Paul’s tireless efforts and boundless enthusiasm.

Today, Hole in the Wall Camps restore childhood to children living with cancer, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, HIV and other serious medical conditions. The camp, in collaboration with its associated camps in the United States and abroad, provides children with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions a camping experience of the highest quality, while extending year-round support to their families and health care providers.

Through their camp programs, on-going outreach to hospitals and clinics, and other services for children, families and caregivers, the camp serves more than 15,000 annually. All of their services and programs are provided free of charge. Each donation to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp directly benefits over 1,000 seriously ill children who attend and who, along with their families, participate in year-round programs.

Paul Newman lived a life informed by his recognition of luck – but greater than that was his motivation to act on that acknowledgement, and truly make a difference. His vision helped found the first Hole in the Wall Camp in 1988, and has since grown into the world’s largest family of camps for children with serious medical illnesses, operating in Connecticut, New York, Florida, California, North Carolina, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, France, The United Kingdom and regions in Africa and Asia.

Paul’s liveliness, energy and dedication will be missed by all who knew him, worked with him and who were touched by his kindness.

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