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fighting-cancerJonathan Chamberlain’s website, Fighting Cancer, is a valuable resource for anyone whose life is affected by cancer. There are many cures for cancer and fortunately there are also many strategies that have a very good chance of stopping cancer in its tracks within weeks.

Jonathan Chamberlain’s wife, Bernadette, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1993. She underwent surgical investigation, radiation and chemotherapy and was dead exactly a year later. There is no doubt that she died as much from the treatment as from the cancer itself.

Looking back, Chamberlain feels that the biggest mistake they made was to do what the doctors advised because Bernadette could not have died sooner if they had done nothing. Since 1994 he has been researching orthodox and alternative treatments for cancer.

Chamberlain has written several books: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide and Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health.

On his website, Fighting Cancer, you can read the stories of people who have undergone both good and bad, orthodox and alternative treatments for cancer. You can also read the experiences of others by visiting Chamberlain’s blog, Cancerfighter’s Weblog.

Jonathan Chamberlain’s writings provide answers for himself and for others.  These answers could hopefully lessen the suffering of mankind.

Bernadette Chamberlain died because she and her husband could not get the information they needed in time. Don’t make the same mistake.

Visit: Fighting Cancer and share your comments and opinions below with the community.

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  • gerry says:

    I’m tempted to say “what a load of rubbish!” just for the sake of irony.
    But I’ll refrain as it was actually a very good post

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