Review: The DNA Repair Company

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The DNA Repair Company(DNAR) was founded to bring recent scientific discoveries from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the clinic to benefit cancer patients.

In spite of tremendous scientific advances, radiation and chemotherapy still often fail as first-line treatments for many common cancers.

DNAR’s founding core team is experienced in basic and translational biomedical research, clinical development and product commercialization, and clinical oncology leadership.

Breakthroughs in understanding DNA repair mechanisms have led to new personalized approaches to cancer treatment, beginning with diagnostic tools that improve the efficacy of currently available cancer therapies, as well as new drugs under development.

DNAR exists to make these tools available to physicians with the goal of dramatically improving clinical outcomes.

DNAR gives physicians new tools to optimize treatment selection based on the characteristics of an individual patient’s tumor, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

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