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campkeepsakeThe mission of Cancer Hope Foundation is to enhance the lives of people affected by cancer.  They offer a program, Camp Keepsake, which offers a cost-free camp retreat for adult cancer patients/survivors, their children and friends. 

Camp Keepsake provides support in an energetic and fun atmosphere.  The invitation is extended to family members, close friends, and caregivers, hoping that they too will benefit from their visit to Camp Keepsake.

Nestled in the Malibu Canyons in Calabasas, the camp is in its fifth year as a retreat for adults who have, or have had, cancer. Attendees can bring as many as five relatives or friends to relax and enjoy everything from spa treatments to traditional camp activities.

“A lot of times it’s hard for people who have to deal with the daily stresses of doctors’ visits or paying for treatment; they really don’t get a chance to relax and pamper themselves a little,” said Christopher Roos, founder and president of the Cancer Hope Foundation, which organizes the camp.

The foundation pays the costs for the campers and their guests, which can run into the thousands of dollars, depending on transportation, said foundation board member Dianne Carlson.

“We spend most of the year raising money for the camp,” said Carlson. “It’s important that people are able to go to this camp free of charge.”

Volunteer board members screen applicants for the four-day retreat. The camp tries to admit everyone who applies, although finances don’t always allow it.

Attendees come from a variety of backgrounds, including some who are in treatment and others who have recovered. Roos, who founded the camp after the death of two roommates, said this blending of experiences allows campers to learn from one another.
Under special circumstances, persons with illnesses closely related to cancer, cancer patients/survivors in remission, and/or people with other situations are also welcomed wherein the Camp Keepsake directors deem attendance appropriate.

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