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BreastCancer.orgThe Breast Cancer website at is an excellent resource for women.

It is dedicated to providing reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer. Their mission is to help women and their loved ones make sense of the complex medical and personal information about breast cancer so they can make the best decisions for their lives.

We found the topics related to risk and prevention and the role of genetics particularly helpful. There is also information about ovarian cancer.

They have also created an innovative dictionary tool to address the problem of understanding complex terms when facing critical decisions about their cancer treatment. This dictionary is a compilation of numerous complex breast cancer terms defined in plain English.

This informative site covers research and news and also features discussion boards chat rooms and stories of hope.

Please visit and let us know what you think.

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  • Deepak says:

    Abnormal development of cells leads to the growth of tumor, when tumor is malignant in nature they are termed as cancer. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in women today

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