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Breast Cancer Action carries the voices of people affected by breast cancer to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Founded in 1990, Breast Cancer Action was started by women in a San Francisco breast cancer support group who were frustrated by the lack of knowledge about their disease.

Led by the late Elenore Pred, they created an organization that would help transform breast cancer from a private medical crisis to a public health emergency.

BCA continues this work, and is now a national education and activist organization that challenges assumptions and inspires change to end the breast cancer epidemic.
While BCA has thousands of supporters throughout the United States and abroad, they do not have chapters in other cities. Those who are interested in being a part of their work are encouraged to subscribe to their newsletter and monthly ealert.

BCA advocates for policy changes in three priority areas:

Treatment by shfting the balance of power at the FDA away from the pharmaceutical industry and towards the public interest while advocating for more effective and less toxic treatments.

Environment by decreasing involuntary environmental exposures that put people at risk for breast cancer.

Inequities by creating awareness that it is not just genes, but social injustices – political, economic, and racial inequities – that lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes.

Breast Cancer Action provides information to anyone who needs it via newsletters, Web sites, e-alerts, and a toll-free number.

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