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alicia-e2809crosee2809d-victorious-foundationFor a teenager cancer is perhaps more devastating than at any other time in their life and yet, there is very little support for them at most cancer treatment centers.

At a time when they should be dreaming bigger dreams and trying out newfound freedoms, their dreams are put on hold and their freedoms are replaced by medial regimen and the focus to merely survive.

The Alicia “Rose” Victorious Foundation is dedicated to bringing hope, excitement, and entertainment to teens that are facing difficult conditions while receiving hospital treatment by providing various activities and services consistent with Alicia’s outlook on making life “good”.

ARVF is dedicated to making the time teens spend in local hospital as entertaining as possible by providing games, movies, music and a place to “hang out” and just be with their friends or other teens.

Alicia’s mom described the foundation’s mission best when she said “We were inspired by our daughter, Alicia. She was about living every day to the fullest. Because of Alicia’s desire to “make the best of a bad thing”, we decided to continue her mission.”

That mission is to provide activities, programs, and events that enhance the quality of the lives of adolescents with life-threatening illnesses.

Most children’s hospitals do not have a designated area for teens, a room for just teens to go and hang out with other teens from the hospital or their friends that have come to visit.

The Alicia “Rose” Victorious Foundation works to provide such a room, a room for just teens to go and have the ability to just be teens. Watch a movie, listen to music, or go online and IM.

Visit: The Alicia “Rose” Victorious Foundation and share your comments and opinions below with the community.

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