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abc2Last night David Cook performed his song “Permanent” on the American Idol finale show.

By doing so, he brought worldwide attention to The Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) Organization.

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) has one goal which is to find a cure for brain cancer. 

ABC2 believes that a nimble, focused and aggressive entrepreneurial model will increase the number of therapies discovered and then enable those therapies to be more rapidly driven into the clinic.

ABC2 provides researchers with the pivotal support they need to make critical breakthroughs by funding novel translational research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a cure.

Since brain cancer affects a relatively small portion of the population, ABC2 recognizes the importance of investing in the early stages of the most novel sectors of the discovery and development pipeline in order to “buy down the risk” for their partners and speed progress of innovative new treatments to the clinic.

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is a non-profit organization that partners with leading entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers to find a cure for brain cancer.

ABC2’s partners range from medical research centers to early-stage biotechnology companies to large multi-national pharmaceutical companies. These partners all share a vision of driving translational research and moving treatments as fast as possible from basic discovery to the clinic.

History:  In 2001, Dan Case was diagnosed with brain cancer. Discouraged by a lack of information and limited treatment options, Dan, together with his brother, Steve Case, and their families, founded Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2).

With his finance background, Dan recognized that few biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies were willing to invest research and development dollars toward brain cancer research due to its relative scarcity.

Daniel H. Case, III, was one of the world’s leading investment bankers and a driving force in the world of venture capital. Dan served as Chairman of the Board of JPMorgan H&Q (formerly Hambrecht & Quist), a legendary investment banking firm that specialized in the financing of entrepreneurial companies whose clients included Apple Computer, Genentech, Adobe Software, and Netscape.

ABC2 applies entrepreneurial approaches to medical research and bridges the gap which often exists between academic researchers who often make significant scientific discoveries and companies which bring those treatments to patients.

By “buying down the risk” in the drug discovery process, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is able to speed up the drug discovery process.

Since 2001, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has provided more than $6 million in research funding to highly qualified research investigators and physician-scientists from 22 institutions.

David Cook’s American Idol Finale Performance Proceeds to Fund Cancer Research. The live performance will soon be available on iTunes and all proceeds will benefit ABC2 to fund brain cancer research.

Visit: Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and share your comments and opinions below with the community.

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  • Gail Werner says:

    I was diagnosed last August with brain cancer. I had surgery on Sept. 5th. I had 6 weeks of radiation and I’m on a chemotherapy pill called Temador. I get MRI’s about every 6 weeks and thank goodness on May 20th was my last MRI. And I got good news!!
    My tumor has shrunk. So. I continue with my chemo one wek a month and hope it keeps shrinking.
    I remember David’s brother from “Idol”. He was so proud of David. But, I know that he really was David’s hero. He’s in a better place now. And watching his brother make a difference with his great foundation. Good for you David!!!
    Regards from a fan, Gail

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