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Cancer Websites, Guides — By on July 1, 2008 at 2:28 pm has high quality topics on virtually every conceivable subject and their cancer area doesn’t disappoint. Like all topics, this one is run by a knowledgeable guide; in this case a freelance medical writer and cancer advocate.

Must Read articles are highlighted at the top of the section and include:

* What is Cancer?
* Symptoms of Cancer
* Types of Cancer
* Treatment of Cancer
* Preventing Cancer

The guide has an interesting and well-written blog which she regularly updates. Many of the articles are topical such as “8 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk This Summer” and “Is Paul Newman Battling Lung Cancer?”

Topics in the Cancer include

* Cervical Cancer Basics
* Screening and Diagnosis
* Women’s Cancers
* Introduction to Cancer
* Types of Cancer A-M
* Types of Cancer N-Z
* Men’s Cancers
* Childhood Cancer
* Cancer Causes/Risk Factors
* Prevention
* Cancer Treatment
* Coping with Cancer
* Celebrities and Cancer

Please visit this excellent cancer guide and be sure to post your impressions below.

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