Ted Kennedy’s Battle with Brain Cancer

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton Discusses Disease that Took Senator’s Life(CBS) 
The malignant brain tumor that took the life of Sen. Edward Kennedy was an aggressive form of brain cancer called a malignant glioma, CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said on “The Early Show” Wednesday.

Kennedy, who was 76 when he was diagnosed, received aggressive treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy and possibly radiation, Ashton said.

The prognosis for brain tumors like Kennedy’s, Ashton said, is “very poor,” with only a 50 percent survival rate within the first year of diagnosis, and only three months of survival if left untreated.

However, Kennedy survived 14 months after he was diagnosed, Ashton pointed out.

Contributing factors to survival rates, Ashton said, include the age of the patient and the person’s general state of health. Ashton said Kennedy was in a generally good state of health.

Ashton added the length of time Kennedy lived after he learned of the tumor was a testament to his steadfastness.

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