Scientists Identify Key Genes In Colorectal And Liver Cancers: Study May Be Used For New Treatments

News — By on April 7, 2009 at 6:35 am

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered key genes involved in colorectal and liver cancers, creating targets for the development of new drugs and therapies. Monday’s announcement is one piece of a large puzzle when it comes to the genetic origins of cancer. No single human gene is responsible for cancer, but researchers have found that complex networks of genetic actions are responsible for all types of cancers and tumors. “Our study can help guide the design of new drugs and other therapies that could be used to treat a patient’s cancer,” said Timothy Starr, the lead scientist for the colon cancer research, which was published in the online version of Science. Starr reported 17 genes linked to colon cancer, whic…

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