Researcher Cracks One Of The Mysteries Of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

News — By on April 7, 2009 at 6:35 am

SHERBROOKE, QC — A professor at Université de Sherbrooke and his collaborators have succeeded in understanding how the cell responsible for Hodgkin’s lymphoma-a cancer of the lymph system-functions. In addition to answering a question that has baffled scientists for about a hundred years, this discovery could lead to a new treatment for the disease and save as number of lives. Although the chances of surviving Hodgkin’s lymphoma are generally good, 12% to 15% of patients, especially the young, do not respond well to chemotherapy. “Successful treatment,” explains Hans Knecht, professor in the Department of Hematology at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, “lies with understanding what causes the disease and tha…

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