Planet Cancer and Lance Armstrong Foundation Team Up!

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Planet Cancer and Lance Armstrong Foundation Teaming Up to Serve Young Adults with Cancer, PLANET CANCER’S BIGGEST NEWS EVER!

The Lance Armstrong Foundation is increasing their commitment to the cause of young adult cancer, and they’ve invited Planet Cancer to officially join the LAF team and start running our programs on a global scale. All your favorite Planet Cancer programs will still be around, we’ll just be running them from a different address. More important, with the power of LIVESTRONG backing us up, we’ll be supercharged and able to reach even wider, redoubling our efforts to find every young adult diagnosed with cancer and to spread the word in the medical community about the unique needs and issues of young adults.
Why is this news so incredible for PC and the young adult cancer community? Taking our programs under the LIVESTRONG umbrella combines the reach, credibility and resources of the LAF with nearly a decade’s worth of PC’s knowledge and experience in reaching and serving young adults with cancer.
Please keep checking back for more information as we box up our office and move into the LAF building!
From, Heidi Adams
Founder, Planet Cancer

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