Using The Mac Computer For Better Surgical Navigation

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Creating Roadmaps for Surgeons 
–“It’s hard to detect the location of very small cancers laparoscopically,” says Sugimoto.

“But when we project on the patient’s body, we can see the exact location of even a very small cancer using multi-detector CT reconstruction.

That helps us to pinpoint the insertion of the ports and accomplish three things: avoiding injury to organs when we make the insertions; strategically placing the ports for efficient navigation with the scope; and keeping the number of ports to a minimum.

All this adds up to minimally invasive surgery.”
With the ports in place and the scope inserted near the cancer site, Sugimoto aims the remote at the Apple Cinema Display and, with a flick of the wrist, he rotates the image of a section of colon to study the lesions.

After a 360-degree examination on OsiriX using the Mac Pro, he proceeds with the operation. For some procedures, Sugimoto connects the remote to the laparoscope, so that the image on the scope monitor and the 3D image on the Apple Cinema Display move in concert.
“It’s common for surgeons operating on these cancers to use aggressive open surgery, making a midline incision to open the stomach,” says Sugimoto.

“But our technique gives patients a better chance for faster recovery.”

Visualization for Major Open Surgery

For major gastrointestinal surgeries, particularly in the team’s sub-specialty of hepatic/biliary/pancreatic (HBP) surgery, Sugimoto uses the Mac and OsiriX in a different way.

“When we perform aggressive surgeries such as those for pancreatic cancer, many organs, blood vessels, and lymph nodes need to be removed,” says Sugimoto. “If the cancer has invaded the vascular system, we have to determine its surgical margin to complete the resection and vascular reconstruction. Pre-operative volume visualization helps us to be more efficient in the operating room.”

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