Has anyone seen Katie and Suri Holmes in a Certain Headscarf?

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At four years of age the majority of kids have conquered some of life’s most important skills: talking, walking, potty training and maybe even a bit of reading and writing! If your parents are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, however, your four year old skills may include a keen fashion sense which has reportedly fueled the collection of a pint-sized wardrobe valued at over 3 million dollars!

There has been considerable backlash from the Hollywood community over Suri’s amassed wardrobe and other daring moves in the name of fashion, such as Suri’s new high heeled shoes. Homes and Cruise’s publicist deny the multi-million dollar wardrobe claims. Apparently Suri loves dressing up and anyone that has encountered the will of a 4year old knows how confrontational choosing the days outfits can become. The budding fashionista has also helped her beautiful Mom get dressed in designer duds as well. Already at 4, Sure is a highly publicized female fashion icon. The Cruise family is constantly hounded by paparazzi and discussion of their wardrobes can make daily headlines. In 2009 they were named one of the best dressed families in Hollywood.

Katie is viewed in our society as a model of beauty, grace, style and self-confidence and pages of magazines and fashion web sites have been adorned with pictures of Holmes wearing a wide variety of beautiful head scarves. Her love of head scarves did not go unnoticed by 4Women.com, as surely it did not go unnoticed by the millions of women with medical hair loss all over the world. We all know the importance of role models in teaching us to love and accept ourselves and at no time is such love of self more important than while battling cancer and experiencing medical hair loss. We got to thinking that Katie’s love of head scarves could possibly provide women without hair an important role model. As women, we tend to do a lot of comparing.

We evaluate our appearance, our clothing, our professional achievements largely depending on how they measure up to those of the women around us, often our peers, or to the images we see in the media.

So, several months ago, we sent Katie and Suri matching Black and Bloom beaubeaus™ (our signature scarf) and matching transitional scarves with a promise from her publicist that the scarves would be delivered. We tried to convey to Katie the impact she could have on women and girls with medical hair loss by simply wearing one of our favorite head scarves! Women are constantly barraged by a plethora of visual messages about how we should look and celebrities often provide women with fashion role models, as we try and emulate their style and manner of dress.

But is it possible that a fashionista such as Katie Holmes (and even little Suri!)wearing a simple head scarf can really offer confidence to the follically impaired? Celebrities in headscarves may think they are just stylishly covering up a bad hair day, but in fact, their public display of head coverings is helping the millions of women who suffer medical hair loss rebuild the self esteem they lost. So by Halle Barry simply covering her head before a trip to the spa, or Katie Holmes sporting a beautiful silk headscarf by the pool, women without hair see that there is a fashionable and comfortable option that is not viewed as a medical necessity!
Head scarves have historically been viewed as a fashionable accessory that can add style and character to any outfit and seems to be eternally in vogue! Look at the influence that Jackie Kennedy had on women and fashion as she donned her infamous kerchief scarf and large sunglasses. 50 years ago, Kennedy changed fashions with her classic pill box hat and made wearing the kerchief an acceptable head covering for church. It is definitely not too far fetched to believe that one person can make a difference!

Today, Katie Holmes is not the only celeb to flaunt the use of head scarves. Nicole Ritchie is often photographed wearing a headband scarf as well as Rhinanna, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, Victoria Beckman and yes even Keith Richards!
Katie, if you are reading this, please grab your Black and Bloom beaubeau™ the next time you are thinking of wearing a head scarf. We ask that you use your status as a fashion role model to reunite countless bald girls and women with the world of feminine fashion and become a true BeauDiva!!! We will continue to scour the pages of InStyle Magazine and other fashion outlets for a glimpse of Mom and Suri in their matching beaubeaus™!
Susan Beausang
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