Fertility Drugs and Ovarian Cancer Not Linked, Study Says

News — By on June 21, 2010 at 6:29 am

One of the largest studies to explore whether fertility drugs increase a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer found “no convincing association” with the cancer, though researchers said they would continue to follow tens of thousands of Danish women to see if their risk increased with age.

The generally reassuring results were consistent with several other recent studies, which have tempered an initial panic set off in the 1990s when reports suggested that the widely used fertility drugs might lead to a surge in a cancer that is relatively uncommon but often fatal.

The study, published online in the British Medical Journal, did not rule out a cancer link altogether. It suggested that the risk of one form of ovarian cancer may be elevated after use of the popular drug clomiphene (brand name Clomid), though researchers said the finding could have been a statistical aberration.

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