Farrah Fawcett’s cancer in final stage

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Farrah Fawcett’s friends are family are preparing to face the inevitable as the actress’ condition worsens during the last stages of her struggle with anal cancer.

The reports of Fawcett nearing her death had recently surfaced when she got admitted in a Los Angels hospital but Fawcett was released in fine health and the reports were squashed soon after.

However, now the actress is said to be confined to bed, on intra-venous fluids and bereaved of her famous golden tresses.

Ryan O’ Neal, the longtime partner of Fawcett, recently revealed her condition to ‘People’ magazine. “She stays in bed now. The doctors see that she is comfortable,” he said. “Farrah is on IVs, but some of that is for nourishment. The treatment has pretty much ended.”

A friend of Fawcett says that O’Neal’s interview pretty much indicates that “it was OK for the goodbyes to begin. We’ve all wanted to remain positive for as long as possible.”

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  • Clevi says:

    Thank you, nygal, for your posting since your link to moneytimes.com’s article,
    “Farrah Fawcett’s cancer in final stage by Samia Sehgal” ended my search for answers about her tragic condition (as well as Joelle Fellman’s posting on http://www.altmd.com titled “Farrah Fawcett and Alternative Medicine”)
    that she’s facing with inspirational heroic spirituality. Your link gave me much needed “faith in humanity” renewal, especially after initially coming across her personal tragedy from today’s Yahoo news link to the tabloid (NY Daily News) coverage titled “Farrah Fawcett makes dramatic on screen plea vs. cancer: ‘I don’t want to die of this disease'” By Nancy Dillon that included comments that were typically disgustingly callous (although to the tabloid’s credit, their photo gallery coverage of Farrah Fawcett spoke volumes and was in stark contrast to the respectful, but idolizing/glamorizing reaction comments to S.Sehgal’s article).

    Anyway, I’m keeping beloved Farrah Fawcett (I admired her for her Emmy and Golden Globe nominating portrayal of a battered woman in “The Burning Bed” in 1984) and her family in my prayers.

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