Electronic Medical Emergency Alert Bracelets

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Wearing an electronic medical emergency alert bracelet and CARE memory band can save your life. As we grow older we develop more medical conditions and tend to take more prescriptions. Today seniors can carry their medical information in a bracelet that they wear on their wrist.

It is called a CARE Memory Band which uses a USB flash memory technology to store medical information. The bracelet can and should be worn on a daily basis. Your medical information is loaded in the bracelet and EMT’s can easily retrieve the data in the event of an emergency. The bracelet helps to prevent medical errors with medication and speeds up assessments. The bracelets contain your medical history, medical conditions, and current prescriptions that you are taking and any allergies plus more.
Visit www.carememoryband.com to learn more about the medical bracelet. Some physicians and hospitals are offering these devices to their patients. The price for the software and the bracelet runs around $20. Knowing that your medical information is always with you will give you more freedom to travel and venture out on your own.

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