The Waiting Game

Editorial — By on April 13, 2010 at 5:03 am

LauriPanopoulosLast Thursday I had my second mammogram in 14 years. After four hours of testing and and an additional sonogram the results showed pleomorphic microcalcifications in my left breast

The results were questionable and implied a ten percent possibility of cancer. Although the odds are in my favor, quite frankly this doesn’t help the waiting.

Breast cancer when detected early can save a life. For two years I have worked with and developed close relationships with brave men and women who are living cancer free with fulfilling lives. However, all this support and information does little to ease the anxiety when you are told to get a biopsy – since there is a risk.

Tomorrow I will be seeing a breast specialist to determine the next step. In the meantime, so as not to drive myself or my husband crazy, I will continue sculpting, exercise, watch Seinfeld, lower my caffeine intake and appreciate everything a lot more.

I would like to hear how you deal with your own waiting game.
Lauri Panopoulos Contemporary Sculptor

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